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No Regrets: Ive Enjoyed a Great Life William F. Scanlin

No Regrets: Ive Enjoyed a Great Life

William F. Scanlin

Published August 26th 2010
ISBN : 9781452052403
0 pages
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 About the Book 

This autobiography covers my life and key experiences that I have had since my earliest recollections to the present time. The United States stopped nuclear testing in the atmosphere in 1962. As time has gone on, there are now few people still alive who have actually witnessed a large atmospheric nuclear explosion. I relate as one of my most memorable life experiences my witnessing of a nearly 8 million ton thermonuclear explosion at Christmas Island in 1962. An aspect of my career as a physicist in the weapons program that is essentially unique is that I was the responsible design physicist for 93 live underground nuclear experiments carried out at the Nevada Test Site. Obviously, the many activities that I have engaged in have been experienced by only a few. Interspersed with my rewarding career, I describe the adventures that I experienced while pursuing my hobbies of flying, boating, and traveling. The foundation for the great life that I have enjoyed is a happy marriage and a successful loving family.Bill has led an interesting life as a physicist/engineer who spent his entire career in the field of nuclear weapon design and development. His involvement in this activity took place during the cold war when nuclear weapon development and testing peaked. In the book he tells of some outstanding events he witnessed in the pursuit of his career. While his job kept him very busy, he was able to maintain a balance between the demands of his career and his personal life. Bill writes about his adventures as a serious yachtsman and as a pilot of light airplanes. He also relates some experiences that he encountered as he and his wife travelled to 59 countries spread around the world.